Thursday, January 9, 2020

Bill Walton is Living His Best Life

Bill Walton called a game between Arizona and Oregon this evening, and he was depicted eating peanut butter with his hand straight from the jar.

This means everything and nothing in terms of where we are as a country. If there was ever a moment where a traumatized, reeling country needed a moment of levity and distraction. Walton is a national treasure, and if you ever felt like you took it for granted that there were knowledgeable, experienced, and entertaining people out there, please don't. There are a handful of people who can claim to have been to the top of the sports world and have been able to come back down from that and find a way to be useful and engaging in our society. Walton has never become bitter.

Our country is littered with broken, horrible assholes with power and influence who only want to grab more cash for themselves and hurt as many innocent people as possible. When you find a guy who just wants to get his snack on and entertain people, celebrate it and enjoy it.

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