Thursday, March 5, 2020

Equal and Fair Treatment For All

A year ago, Tayla Harris was inundated with sexist and derogatory comments because someone took this picture of her.

When she decided not to be a victim, her life changed:
Harris went to bed with around 20,000 Twitter followers but by the next morning had an additional 60,000. There was an apology from Channel 7 for sending "the wrong message" by removing the photo from its social media accounts, while Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison called the trolls "cowardly grubs." 
With a weekend match looming, Harris restricted herself to one radio interview in the immediate aftermath, during which she described the comments as sexual abuse, and held a press conference to sate the appetite of media organizations around the world. Carlton provided her with a security guard for the next game, against Fremantle. 
"Surreal," and a "roller-coaster" is how she sums up the week. "For the most part it was all positive," she adds, "but I had to check in with myself and make sure this was something I was OK with because it was a really full on and busy, confronting few weeks. 
"The really important thing for me was not to dilute the messaging or say something that could be misinterpreted, so I made sure I was really clear and articulate."
Read the whole thing. It's a devastating indictment of where society is with regards to how it treats women and what we can do to move past the juvenile bullshit that infects so much of how we talk to one another and relate to each other.

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