Monday, June 1, 2020

Greg Popovich is the Voice of Reason

It's not enough to just speak up and offer platitudes. Greg Popovich is here with solutions and I hope to hell this is not dismissed as just another sports figure looking for attention:
San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich discussed the recent protests throughout the United States with Dave Zirin of The Nation on Sunday.

Dozens of cities across the U.S. have been engaging in demonstrations following George Floyd's death while in police custody May 25, and Popovich provided his thoughts on the long-term issues facing the U.S.:

"The thing that strikes me is that we all see this police violence and racism, and we've seen it all before, but nothing changes. That's why these protests have been so explosive. But without leadership and an understanding of what the problem is, there will never be change. And white Americans have avoided reckoning with this problem forever, because it's been our privilege to be able to avoid it. That also has to change."

The 71-year-old went on to criticize President Donald Trump for his lack of leadership at a time of crisis and his unwillingness to say "black lives matter," but he noted the problems go beyond one person.

"It's more than just Trump," he said. "The system has to change."

As for the current protests, Popovich said they are "very necessary, but they need to be organized better."

What Popovich is pushing back against is the idea that the status quo is something to be revered. What people should realize is that every aspect of normal has to be evaluated for what could very well be the continued oppression of Americans. We can't continue to police our cities like this. We have to remember that the act of dissent it patriotic. It is a very essential idea that protesting is a right and is often the most legitimate form of social commentary.

As you watch everything continue to unfold, remember that there will always be an effort to tie people to looting, burning, and mayhem. This disenfranchises everyone who is protesting peacefully. There are bad actors out there, and they're muddying the water.

This is who they are:

Popovich is trying to share some clarity with us and we should be grateful for his eloquence.

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