Tuesday, July 21, 2020

High School Football in Texas

Things are so bad in Texas, they're actually going to delay the start of High School Football Season and I made it all caps because damn, that's what you have to do:
The University Interscholastic League has delayed the start of high school football for Texas' two largest conferences because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Class 6A and 5A schools were originally slated to begin practices Aug. 3 but will have to instead wait until Sept. 7, per the Dallas Morning News' Callie Caplan. As a result, their games will begin no earlier than Sept. 24.
This is a big fucking deal, as they say in other areas of concern. You know it's a huge thing because they regularly spend over $50 million dollars for a high school football stadium that only gets used a few times per year. What that says about the value of an education in Texas is something I'll leave to you.

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