Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Pandemic Upended the NHL Season

It is my anecdotal and amateurish observation that the COVID-19 pandemic has probably robbed the Washington Capitals of an easy run at the Stanley Cup.

When I saw them play in February, they were regularly obliterating their opponents on the ice. Alexander Ovechkin was getting hat tricks. The rest of the team was dominating. And while teams do fall apart, this was not a team that seemed to be in that category.

There are far more important things, of course, but the pandemic seems to have been such a disruption to Washington that it will probably be recorded as a lost season. Certainly, when we get to the Stanley Cup Finals and see who makes it out of this tournament, we will witness a noble accomplishment. I wouldn't put an asterisk by it, not by a long shot. The quality of the hockey being played in both conferences has been uneven at times, but this is not a joke of a season.

How this all affects the start of the first season after things get back to normal is the question. By playing now, is the NHL throwing next season in the shredder?

This one seems to be exactly a high price.

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