Thursday, September 24, 2020

I Guess I am Now a Dodgers Fan


Continuing in the tradition of horrible photographs that have been uploaded into the now-horrible Blogger platform, the Los Angeles Dodgers have held a press conference to announce that they are going to give their employees Election Day as a day off.  They are also encouraging employees of the Dodgers organization to be poll workers and to vote.

In the future, a Democratic Congress is going to send a Democratic president a bill that makes Election Day a national holiday, one where there is no school and where everyone takes the day off to vote. That is, unless they have already voted by mail or if they have voted early. Then, well, take the day off anyway! You did your part for democracy.

This is an idea that ought to catch fire throughout the country. Want to give everyone a reason to cheer up? Give them November 3rd off as a paid vacation day and encourage them to vote. 

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