Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Kirk Cousins is a Moron

All you have to do is go to someone in the front office. You say, "can someone help me understand what's happening here?" And someone gives Kirk a phone number or brings someone in to talk to him. That's all that has to happen and we can avoid this sort of thing.

Virtually everything Cousins says here is uninformed and ignorant. Masks work, and casting doubt on that puts people at risk. He's using his status and position to mislead people and that's extremely dangerous. When it comes to people's health, you do not fuck around with this.

This is the sort of thing that could be fixed by sitting down with his employer, which should be an organization with the kinds of resources that would help one of its highest paid employees with some basic fucking common sense about the global pandemic that is preventing the organization and the league that it is a part of from making billions of dollars. Now, some organizations are not dynamic and staffed with backoffs and fools. I get that.

Somewhere in the Vikings organization is a player or coach or staffer who has a relative with a serious health issue that makes them vulnerable to COVID-19. I would think that they would be reacting with horror at what Cousins said and I would hope that someone is arranging for the team's franchise quarterback to get some goddamned useful information as soon as possible.

But then, hey. You get it, you get it. If you die, you die. Whatever, man.

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