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Tuesday, December 24, 2019

You Can Fire Jeremy Roenick Now

This was a mind-bogglingly stupid thing to say about a fellow co-worker:
NBC Sports on Monday indefinitely suspended hockey analyst Jeremy Roenick without pay "for making inappropriate comments about his co-workers," a spokesman said.  
In an appearance Thursday on Barstool Sport's Spittin' Chiclets podcast, Roenick and the hosts engaged in a free-flowing conversation about Roenick's co-workers, Kathryn Tappen and Patrick Sharp.  
Roenick said if he, his wife and Tappen were "going to bed together ... that would really be good, but it's never going to happen." Of Sharp, Roenick said he was "so beautiful."  
NBC, through the spokesman, declined to comment further. Roenick, a former National Hockey League player, couldn't be reached on Monday. 
So, as innocent as these remarks might seem, and they're really not appropriate on any level, there has to be a back story here, and I just don't know exactly what that would be.  It has to be something related to past behavior that was questionable, or something along those lines. Has Roenick ever gotten out of line with Tappen? That's possible. I just don't know.

In any event, the questionable nature of commenting on a "threesome" with your wife and a co-worker takes us into the realm of "dumbass things people in broadcasting should not say." We don't know if Roenick, his wife, and Tappen have the sort of relationship where they can joke about these things. It's possible, but highly unlikely. Behind the scenes, there could be a running joke about something like this, but I doubt it.

Having said that, it's not Tappen's job to fix what's wrong with Roenick. It's not up to her to salvage his erstwhile broadcasting gig. It's not even anything she probably wanted to have to deal with. What men forget is that they put women in impossible situations like this precisely because they should have the common sense not to talk about this kind of thing when they are a part of a broadcasting team.

I say this, and have some sympathy for Roenick, because he has been pretty open about trying to conduct himself in an ethical manner:

Is this self-serving and hypocritical? I don't know. Roenick does know that he's supposed to be a broadcaster, so this is interesting to consider as well. He's been a victim of sexual harassment, and here he is sexually harassing a co-worker. You would think that he would steer clear of that talk, knowing that, in this highly-charged era, this is shit you can't say.

I think you can pretty much surmise that Roenick knows where the line is and did something stupid. Is that enough to fire him? Well, you can't read this and conclude that it was a rookie mistake.

Roenick is a professional. He shouldn't have said what he said. It's that simple.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Keith Olbermann is Still Unemployable

How many times have I written this post, only to be proven wrong--and then proven right?

Contract talks between ESPN and Keith Olbermann have almost completely broken down, a source familiar with the negotiations tells us, and the controversial host seems nearly a lock to leave the network after his two-year deal expires in August.

According to the source, ESPN seemed intent on re-upping Olbermann when they approached him two months ago about a new deal. Those preliminary talks were promising, we’re told, but Olbermann was urged to reconsider his on-air commentaries—really, the only entertaining part of his show.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter today, ESPN executives were uncomfortable with Olbermann’s critical commentaries—especially, a source says, those ripping NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and former MLB commissioner Bud Selig. At a second round of contract talks, ESPN again pushed Olbermann to drop the commentaries from his show. We’re told Olbermann refused.

Twenty times, at least. Oh well. I love Keith, I love what he does, but he can't hold a job. 

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

This is Why I Don't Watch Tennis

[They removed the video -

I had a swell piece of video, and because the Worldwide Leader is a cheap punk in a cheap suit, the video has been yanked. Everyone is so afraid of ESPN that all they have to do is whine to YouTube and the embarrassing video gets yanked. Well, talk about stepping on customer interest in the content you provide as a virtual monopoly.

If that's NOT what happened here, my bad. But, as a blogger, I am sick and goddamned tired of this whole "video has been removed because of a terms of service blah blah blah" thing. Cowboy the hell up, YouTube. Make them sue you. Make them prove that what you've done is wrong. You are not stealing their content. You are letting us show just what a ridiculous jackass they have hired in Pam Shriver. ]

The end is getting sad and ugly for James Blake, but this was just ridiculous.

Blake has lost his confidence, his fire, his want-to. He was crushed Tuesday by Robin Haase, 6-2, 6-4, 6-4, in the first round of Wimbledon, and then talked about the possibility of retiring soon.

But his frustration came out, as Blake got into an argument with ESPN analyst Pam Shriver, a former player. Shriver and Blake were bickering, and he even ended up calling her an ass. On court. During the match.

People will be looking for an apology from Blake now, another embarrassment for an aging former star whose career is going, going ...

And I'll say this: He should apologize for the way he is playing.

But as for the other stuff? Shriver and ESPN should apologize to Blake.

This was Shriver's fault, and she should have been kicked out.

Leaving aside the ridiculousness of yelling at someone in a broadcast booth who can be overheard calling you a putz, where on Earth does any sport allow this to happen?

If this happened on a golf course, they'd wear out the turnstiles throwing people out.
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Friday, June 11, 2010

You've gotta duck, Dickie V

<a href="" target="_new" title="">Vitale hit by foul ball</a>
This is what happens when you go to a ballgame and get hit by a foul ball. If someone at ESPN or Fox Sports knows who you are, your goofy ass is going to be the new "hot" clip on the video pages.

Friday, November 20, 2009

This is the kind of thing that could get you fired

This is what got a couple of announcers suspended from calling NBA games for the Los Angeles Clippers:

Smith: “Look who’s in.”

Lawler: “Hamed Haddadi. Where’s he from?”

Smith: “He’s the first Iranian to play in the NBA.” (Smith pronounced Iranian as “Eye-ranian,” a pronunciation that offended the viewer who complained.)

Lawler: “There aren’t any Iranian players in the NBA,” repeating Smith’s mispronunciation.

Smith: “He’s the only one.”

Lawler: “He’s from Iran?”

Smith: “I guess so.”

Lawler: “That Iran?”

Smith: Yes.

Lawler: “The real Iran?”

Smith: “Yes.”

Lawler: “Wow. Haddadi – that’s H-A-D-D-A-D-I.”

Smith: “You’re sure it’s not Borat’s older brother?”

Smith: “If they ever make a movie about Haddadi, I’m going to get Sacha Baron Cohen to play the part.”

Lawler: “Here’s Haddadi. Nice little back-door pass. I guess those Iranians can pass the ball.”

Smith: “Especially the post players.

Lawler: “I don’t know about their guards.”

I think that suspending them for being boring and trite would be enough, but here are the real details:

Ralph Lawler and Mike Smith

Veteran play-by-play man Ralph Lawler and analyst Mike Smith were suspended for tonight's Clippers telecast on Fox Sports Prime Ticket for comments made during Wednesday's telecast, according to sources with knowledge of the decision but not authorized to speak publicly.

Fox issued this statement at 5:03 p.m. today: "We regret the remarks made by Clippers announcers Michael Smith and Ralph Lawler during Wednesday's telecast. While we believe that Michael and Ralph did not intend their exchange to be offensive, the comments were inappropriate. We extend our apologies to Hamed Haddadi of the Memphis Grizzlies and to anyone who was offended. We have addressed the situation with Michael and Ralph and have taken appropriate action."

Wednesday's comments came near the end of a dreary Clippers loss, 106-91, in Memphis as rookie Haddadi, a 7-foot-2 center and the first Iranian player in the NBA, came into the game.

In a 40-second exchange Lawler and Smith began talking about Haddadi. A Clippers fan who watched Wednesday’s telecast complained about the verbal exchange and said he received an apology today from Fox Sports.

Can you complain if they're boring and make no sense? Can you complain, for example, about how Tim McCarver, when he calls baseball games, is almost always wrong and never offers any insight as to what is going on? I mean, let's face it--McCarver trades on the fact that no one has the sound up anyway. Can you complain when Chris Collinsworth is unnecessarily critical of a position player who plays a position Collinsworth knows nothing about? Am I just being nitpicky when I say, thank God I can turn the sound down.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Dan Marino's Forgiveable S-bomb

I'm inclined to give Marino a pass on this one--it's not really an S-bomb.

He finished - shit - it off here is how he says it. I do that all of the time.