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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What's a Little Smack Talk Between Fans and a Recalcitrant Owner?

[image from Mr. Irrelevant's wonderful site]

Do you know what might have turned things around for the Washington Redskins and their intolerably incompetent owner Daniel Snyder? If they would embrace the suck and try to make this season about trying to win one for the fans, as opposed to making themselves look good for that next contract.
If Snyder had half of the marketing savvy he allegedly possesses, he would be selling the paper bags and the "snyder sux" shirts himself. If he had instructed security at Fed-Ex field to be tolerant of irate fans last night, he might be reaping a little positive press for giving them an outlet and a release valve for their justifiable frustrations.
Granted, you can't let people run wild (although, let's be fair--there are numerous complaints of drunken, rowdy behavior and this is driving fans away faster than the poor play of the team), but you could show some humility and let the fans vent:
Last night I was at my first Skins Monday Night game. I went with a couple friends, but knew I needed to take an Anti-Snyder banner with me. Problem was I couldn’t come up with anything clever until just before I left for the game. My brother texted me the perfect idea for a sign to play off on the whole Sherman Lewis bingo thing. I whipped up a quick “Snyder…B-I-N-GO F Yourself” sign on a bed sheet so everybody could see it. I knew it would get me in trouble but didn’t expect to get thrown out of the stadium by a couple security guys.

In the third quarter, one of my friends and I took out the banner and were holding it up. Next thing I know, four security guys are coming up both sets of stairs and headed right for us. They take my banner and tell us we have to leave the stadium. On the way out a bunch of people in the section are taking pictures and chanting “Free Speech!”

Once we got to the concourse area they asked for my ID, which I quickly tried to pass off to a friend. One of the security guys snatched my wallet and wrote down my drivers license info in his little black book. I guess that means means I’m banned from the stadium or something. They then escorted my three friends and I all the way from the 400 level out to the front gate. I tried to talk to them about the whole situation but they weren’t having it — too busy being serious security guys, I guess.

So, long story short, I got my point across, they took my banner, I probably got banned for life and I got to leave the game early. Good thing too, it was an awful game.

It was an unwatchable game, and seeing the hangdog look on Jason Campbell's face every time he had his helmet off was too much. I clicked over to watch the Wild at the Blackhawks, and I noticed that Minnesota has trouble handling the puck and scoring on the power play. That's when I realized I didn't care what happened between the Eagles and Redskins and went to bed.