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Friday, May 15, 2020

Rory McIlroy is Terrified of Being Seen With Trump

This guy seems traumatized:
McIlroy was asked about that round with the president and vowed it would be the last time he’d ever play with Trump.
Asked about that round and the subsequent reaction it elicited, McIlroy said, “Guilt by association,’’ adding, “I haven’t done it since, so there’s one answer to [your] question.’’

McIlroy then indicated he’d been invited to play with the president since but hasn’t. When asked if the reason he hasn’t played again with Trump was by choice, McIlroy said, “Out of choice.’’
The article goes on to let McIlroy weasel his way out of saying anything negative about Trump and still signal to anyone who might give him money for something that he's definitely not one of those MAGA freaks who stands outside of a half-empty arena screaming about Q-Anon.

Really, we should give McIlroy credit for taking the path known to weasels everywhere. Letting him say "what a nice fellow, no I don't agree with him, and I sure won't ever appear in a public place with him again, can't we all just get along" is the normal way functioning adults behave in public in the year of our Lord 2020 when there are promotional considerations and product endorsements on the line.

If Trump were to walk up to McIlroy on a golf course sometime in the next six months, this poor fellow would tear both hammys trying to get away from the cameras.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

The NFL Might Do Away With the Pro Bowl

The article goes on to say that last year's Pro Bowl was a "joke."

All of them have been a joke; the game itself is a joke. It's not real. It does present the opportunity for a player to go into the off season injured or worse.

No sport should have "fake" games like the Pro Bowl or the All Star game. They are meaningless and serve only to raise cash from a phony spectacle. The All Star Game in baseball actually damages the World Series prospects of certain National League Teams because it has allowed for American League teams to have home field advantage.

If you did away with the Pro Bowl, few would notice.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kasey Kahne Backs Away From His Disgust With Public Breastfeeding

This is not a reflection on NASCAR--this is a reflection of immaturity. And Kasey Kahne displayed a tremendous amount of immaturity when he berated a woman for breastfeeding in public recently, only to have to back away from his comments and toe the company line.

The "company line" of course is, "breastfeeding is sacrosanct."

You simply cannot criticize it anymore. That battle was lost years ago. Any squeamishness is considered rude and ill-mannered. No opinion matters--only that of the woman and her right to breastfeed in public. Deal with it. You can't win, and you cannot make fun of it.

In fact, there are three things you can't make fun of anymore: developmentally disabled people, Glee, and breastfeeding moms. And, of those three, I would say that making fun of Glee is pretty much the end of you as a person, so don't do it, man. Just don't do it.

Will Kahne grow up? He will if he wants to keep wearing all of those endorsement patches.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

God Returns to the National Football League

Tim Tebow is no threat to the National Football League; in fact, he's merely another manifestation of the openly-religious player being singled out for being himself. Throughout Football and Baseball, there are players who voice their opinions on religion and speak about how religion has improved their lives.

I think there is a fear that Tebow will succeed in motivating his team to win; and if he wins with the Denver Broncos, other religious players will tell their agents to get them traded to Denver. Teams that don't do religious activities will add them in order to buy in to the winning tradition of Denver. After a while, we might even see crosses emblazoned on the back of their helmets, signifying that a Christian player is underneath that hard piece of plastic.

Eventually, football and baseball players will come to realize that their religious speeches and their demonstrative religious activities will win them better and better endorsement contracts. The shocking fall of a religious player, who goes from a goody-goody with clean, white shoes to a club-hopping meth-head with a thing for booty calling the wives of other players, will only enhance this sort of thing. It makes for millions of views on ESPN and Deadspin; alas, what could have been for player x if he hadn't used all of that codeine-laced Gatorade.

Religion in sports is a huge pain in the ass, by the way, if you're secular or some religion other than Christianity. But, when Christians win, it HAS to be because God favored them. That, in turn, drives people nuts.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Franco Harris Loses His Gig

If a harness racing and slot machine casino thinks that what you said in public is too controversial for them to associate their good name with you, your name isn't worth a hell of a lot.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Advertisers Bail on the Penn State Brand

I think that this will help start the discussion as to whether or not the "death penalty" should be given to the Penn State football team. I firmly believe that the NCAA needs to take Penn State off of the football field and help clean house in Happy Valley. No amount of bleach and industrial cleaning solvent can really ever remove these horrible stains. No amount of money will ever clean up this mess. Might as well start pinching off Penn State's supply of filthy lucre.

This also hurts the schools that have to play Penn State. That's a damned good reason to end Penn State football for a while, if not permanently. They can use that stadium for urban blight experiments or track meets for all I care.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Shortage of Stupid Tweets

The stupidest athlete on Twitter is, by far, Ron Artest. I don't know where these people are coming from, but, man, Artest had some of the most ridiculous tweets going for a while there.

I believe it is getting just about to the point where no professional athlete will ever tweet anything ever again except for an uplifting promo tweet for an animal shelter, but I could be wrong about that.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Fighting Sioux Give Up

The NCAA has basically said, "change or die," and the University of North Dakota has said, "fine, we'll change the name." I don't know why they didn't just bite the bullet years ago and make the change. There was no way that the University of North Dakota was going to show up the NCAA and keep the name and logo.

Much has been said about whether this makes sense. Well, let's remember that it was (almost, but not quite) perfectly fine for schools to pick Indian names for their mascots. They used to be very commonplace. This reflected the culture, and many of the names were chosen in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries when the subjugation of the Native American population was a part of the immediate history and culture of the Western United States. In that period of American history, yes, you could reasonably expect to pick a name that reflected a regional Native American affiliation and have it accepted as the nickname and identity of the team. This was done regularly and extensively, and we are now dealing with that legacy. We are dealing with it because people are a little more enlightened and sensitive now.

The reason why UND should change the name is very simple. You couldn't choose such a name in this modern age, and that's a good reason to get rid of something that is offensive. But, look on the bright side. A vintage Fighting Sioux hockey jersey is now worth more than what it was before UND decided to buckle under to the pressure to make the name change. So be it.

This is about money, and the university couldn't buy the name from the local Sioux tribes and win their endorsement. Now they have to change their name and logo and hope that their fans will gobble up the new merchandise. Maybe a winning season will help ease that pain.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Time For Tim Tebow to Switch Numbers

A quick switch of numbers is all Tim Tebow needs to boost his jersey sales. Wait--that would make sense if jersey sales mattered, right?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Champion Was Right to Fire Rashard Mendenhall

Plenty of people have lost their jobs or their positions for expressing some form of doubt about the veracity of what happened on 9/11. If Van Jones can get fired (he resigned, of course) for that sort of thing--and if hapless Gilbert Gottfried can get canned for Tweeting something stupid--then Rashard Mendenhall's suit has no merit. He is free to speak out, of course. But he is bound by his agreement with Champion not to do so in a way that would bring down the sort of firestorm of controversy that erupted when he made his ill-advised tweets.

It doesn't matter if Champion failed to take action when Mendenhall was making a jackass out of himself on Twitter in the weeks and months before he waded into the Osama bin Laden issue. It's about whether or not Champion can dump him if he violates the terms of his endorsement deal.

Mendenhall's tweets caused him public disrepute and held him up to ridicule. Champion was well within its rights to fire him. For me, it's case closed.