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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Biggest Thing in the World

Is there a reason why I don't care about any of this?

I am a winter olympics sort of person; I have never followed the summer olympics.

False controversies like this really do not interest me, either. There HAS to be drama, so they add fake sound effects and try to tell the "human emotion" and "popular interest" stories in manners outlined above.

It is contrived to think that a soccer player would make a stand on Twitter against an announcer, and do so out of some sort of need to be honest. If threatened with expulsion, the comments would be pulled down. There is no courage exhibited here; merely a tolerance for social media bitching and carping that extends to everyone at the games. This is not a male or female issue; it's a marketing issue.

NBC is going to take yet another bath on these games. Their coverage has been, and will be, dismal. Why bother?

I guess it is because I am a terrible, terrible sports blogger. I simply do not care.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Destruction of Lance Armstrong

The USADA needs to release what it has so that this material can be scrutinized. If this material does, in fact, destroy Lance Armstrong, then that's what it does. I don't think you can avoid releasing it, but it is fair to say that there's a disconnect here.

The U.S. Department of Justice had the same material, and didn't go after Armstrong. They took a pass on it. That says to me that there are significant chain of custody issues here. And if the material has a chain of custody issue--where the samples were outside of the control of the governing authority and thus could have been tampered with--then that material should be challenged.

If Lance Armstrong is innocent, they'll never believe him. If he's guilty, they'll never give up trying to destroy him. Armstrong should walk away from everything he's built and go have a nice life. No matter how much good he tries to do, it will never be enough. The self-hatred of his enemies is such that they simply cannot allow Armstrong to continue as anything other than a pariah. He's too rich, too famous, too successful for his haters to back away.

As far as I'm concerned, there is no sport of cycling anymore. There are just men who cheated and men who haven't been caught cheating yet. It has no validity, no honor, and no one who legitimately holds any form of title within the sport. It is the playground of cheaters and thieves and whores, and it should be flushed with all of the other pseudo-sports.

Really, would you put your trust in the finale of a competitive cycling event anymore? Would you take that over pro wrestling?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cut the Salt Any Way Possible

Your uncle Norman likes to preach, and I preach a mean gospel. Walk a lot. I've started a blog about walking; you should already have it bookmarked. I think people should be prodded into walking in any way possible. Walk yourself to fitness; do not eat yourself thinner. And, for Pete's sake--find a way to cut the salt out of your diet:

Nine out of 10 Americans eat too much salt with most of them getting more than twice the recommended amount, according to a survey by U.S. government researchers.

They said an estimated 77 percent of dietary sodium comes from processed foods and restaurant foods.

"Sodium has become so pervasive in our food supply that it's difficult for the vast majority of Americans to stay within recommended limits," said Janelle Peralez Gunn, public health analyst with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention who led the study of salt consumption.

"Public health professionals, together with food manufacturers, retailers and healthcare providers, must take action now to help support people's efforts to reduce their sodium consumption," Peralez Gunn said in a statement.

The study said most Americans consume 3,466 milligrams of sodium a day, more than twice the recommended limit. Much of the excess sodium comes from foods like pizza, cookies and meats, it said.

Want to know what will really change your outlook?

Leave the United States. Briefly. Or, do what I'm doing and hide out overseas until the Census workers stop trying to find me. Get out and see the world. See how the people in wherever the heck do things. Eat the food. Drink the water. Live among them. Explore, walk, and eat better. It will do wonders for you. I love America. But the food will kill you. In April, I had a conniption when some fool said that people should be free to receive their poison through the over-salted food they are served.What a false belief in liberty. No one has the right to poison you, sir. It will bloat you and kill you as sure as I'm sitting here feeling ten times better than I did a year ago.

Where I am living right now, there are dozens of walking paths and trails going in all directions for miles on end. The food is fabulous. The food will make you cry it's so good. Why, two weeks ago I had a cut of pork covered in a white cream sauce with portobello mushrooms. It was shake-the-table and holler at the ceiling good. Eat the bread overseas. Go and pull an onion up out of the ground and crunch on it with your teeth and taste the onion and little bit of the dirt. Oh, don't be scared.

It will revive you.

Posted via email from An American Lion is on Posterous

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How Important is Football Right Now For Big Ben?

You have to love the para at the end:
Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger spent last weekend undergoing a behavioral evaluation rather than at the team's minicamp, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Monday.

The paper, citing a team source, said that Roethlisberger, suspended for at least the first four games of the 2010 season by NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for off-the-field conduct, will be evaluated for "days" rather than weeks. After that, the report said, Roethlisberger could either return to the team or undergo further evaluation.

Roethlisberger was ordered by Goodell to stay away from the Steelers' training facility until his evaluation was complete. Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin said he didn't know when Roethlisberger would return.

"I have talked to him," Tomlin said, according to the Post-Gazette. "I will continue to talk to him, and I don't have a crystal ball in regards to when he's going to be back in the facility. A lot of that has to do with the things he needs to do and of course the judgment of the commissioner."

While Roethlisberger was in his evaluation, quarterbacks Byron Leftwich, Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch were all on the field for the Steelers.

Do you know why the Steelers haven't outright gotten rid of Big Ben?

The answers are Leftwich, Dixon and Batch. Big Ben has job security, you see. But the real issue here is behavior.

If he's properly evaluated, and really given a chance, then who are we to judge him?

I think it comes down to this: the young man is an asshole. That's right. A douchebag. At least, in social situations and public places. He's difficult and demanding. That's what a lot of money can do to a young man.

What he needs is counseling, to show him that being an asshole and a douchebag are counterproductive. He can still be those things, but he needs to curtail his public activities with regards to assholery and douchebaggery because they are leading to legal jeopardy, lawsuits, and bad press. I will let you in on a little secret. Everyone with money is, to some extent, an asshole and a douchebag for a reason--everyone wants your money. How you deal with that aspect of life is where Big Ben has been wearing his ass for a hat.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Tragedy of Chris Henry

This is just too sad for words:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chris Henry has died, one day after suffering serious injuries upon falling out of the back of a pickup truck in what authorities describe as a domestic dispute with his fiancee.

Police say Henry died at 6:36 a.m. Thursday. Henry was 26.

Away from the team because of a broken forearm, Henry was rushed to the hospital Wednesday after being found on a residential road. Police say a dispute began at a home about a half-mile away, and Henry jumped into the bed of the truck as his fiancee was driving away from the residence.

Police said at some point when she was driving, Henry "came out of the back of the vehicle."

What do you do at this point? What do you do if you're the National Football League and you see, time and again, a serious problem with your players, with the lifestyle they find themselves in as rookies, and domestic violence?

Rookie orientation in the NFL is a series of classes or briefings where new players are shown some of the pitfalls that go with big money contracts, old friends from the neighborhood, new girlfriends and wives, and everything that goes with becoming a high profile member of a community.

I think the NFL deserves credit for rookie orientation, but perhaps what it needs is an ongoing briefing, held every year for every team, that helps show players how society is evolving. Call it the Insider Briefing. Make it about players talking to players, not some crusty old veteran giving a PowerPoint about what happened to him when he woke up drunk in his driveway in a stolen prom dress when he played for Denver in the 1980s. You haven't heard that one? I made it up. I made it up because a variation of that happened to me when I played for Princeton. Don't ask, because we don't talk about the prom dress in the Rogers household. Suffice it so say, Mr. Peej was able to prevent the Princeton cops from pressing charges against me because we were able to salvage the dress and the reputation of that high school girl. It cost us all of our mad money for the month, but it was worth it.

The Insider Briefing can be as simple as having a troubled player go around and talk about what he thinks is right or wrong about being an NFL player who runs afoul of the law. It should not be about shame. It should be someone at that very elite level being able to go into a room without being judged to talk with men at his elite level and it should be a conversation, not a lecture. I realize that these men play on teams. In point of fact, they play on teams that are a part of a League, and that league is an ever-changing and evolving thing. I would like to see something put in place that takes a player like Chris Henry, who has had trouble, and maybe a Peyton Manning and three guys who don't start who play on other teams and has them go around during training camp to spend some time with other players to talk about what they see, what they know about groupies and hangers-on, what they think can be done to deal with a girlfriend who is spending too much money, what can be done about family members who ask for money, and what guns, violence and fear of failure can do to someone who is exalted above all others.

I hate to tag you with this, Mr. Manning, but, so far, you haven't screwed up and driven your vehicle into a crowded Outback Steakhouse with a naked grandmother on the hood and an Uzi on your lap. Let's help other players avoid such a thing, and let's help you with their perspective on keeping the media, the whores, the drugs, the politicians, and the Disney Corporation at bay.

Don't think I'm not looking at you, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. I see you flirting with Disney. We're here to bring you back, brother. I know you didn't get to play in the NFL, but let's be honest--Miami is damned near the NFL, and is practically the development league. Mr. Johnson has a nephew drafted by the Browns and another nephew at UCLA--and we need to save him from the Disney Corporation. We need to reach out to a brother in need and see if someone can hook him up with some honest cheddar.

It's probably not realistic, but it can't be about blaming this young man just for doing something stupid and dying too young. There are so many people who live at the intersection of fame, fortune, and celebrity who can help. It doesn't matter if you're the late Steve McNair or someone who got cut and never made it. Everyone needs help understanding what can happen and what can go wrong with you mix money, family, and fame or near fame in a big ol' bowl and try to fight over who gets to take the first drink and how much and when they can drink it.

On the off chance that someone who plays on special teams for another team who had a thing with a fiancee three years ago can go into a room and talk to people like Chris Henry and say, "you know, sometimes, it's better to just let her drive away. Let her go have a moment. Let her think about things and come back when she's ready." That may or may not have been the thing that caused Henry to pause and walk back into the house. I don't know.

Realistic? I don't know. I don't want to write a condemnation when writing something a little more constructive might go down better than a poison pill or just some tut-tut joke at someone's expense. This is not a joke--there's no reason this young mad had to fall into the road and die in a hospital.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Has Barry Bonds Really Dropped Off the Face of the Earth?

Barry Bonds(notes), 45, has not filed retirement papers, despite not having played in two seasons. Why not? “Because he’s not retired,” said Bonds’ agent, Jeff Borris. “He was run out of the game.”

I find it remarkable that Barry Bonds has simply vanished from baseball, vanished from the public consciousness, gone down the rabbit hole, in other words. In light of the scandal surrounding him, that's probably a relief for him as a person, not so much as a player.

In general, though, you would think that he would be omnipresent, and a part of the sports discussion and a part of what's going on in baseball. Instead, baseball acts like there was no Barry Bonds, like he didn't break the home run record, and that his absence from the discussion is a good thing.

In previous years, you couldn't go a single day without a mention of Barry Bonds. Now? Nothing.

Has Lane Kiffin Already Blown it At Tennessee?

Lane Kiffin, you scamp!
The NCAA is investigating Tennessee's football recruiting practices, including the use of hostesses to attract top players, The New York Times reported on its Web site Wednesday.

The NCAA has met with four prospects and is expected to talk to two more this week, The Times reported.

Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton told the newspaper an investigation was ongoing, but did not provide any details.

Marcus Lattimore, a high school running back, told The Times several hostesses came to a game in South Carolina and brought signs including one that read, "Come to Tennessee."

Lattimore told the newspaper the hostesses influence carried weight: "You don't want to go to a college where they ain't pretty," he said.

The hostesses are considered representatives of the university and are not allowed to recruit players off campus. The visits could be considered violations of NCAA rules.

What year is this? Pretty hostesses make all the difference in the world?

How stupid do you have to be to choose the school you're going to go play football for based on how pretty the hostesses appear to be? Florida, Arizona, and USC must get the top recruits walking away, then. I feel bad for schools like Maryland, which can only offer up malnourished city girls. I feel bad for the University of Iowa, which can only offer up small town, corn fed heifers. I feel bad for the University of Nebraska, which can't even offer up girls.

Do you get the impression that college football is pretty screwed up? I do. And if the NCAA is going after Lane Kiffin's program like this, then he really shouldn't get comfortable in that job.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It Sure Looked Like a Scam to Me

Do you own a sports franchise? Are you the owner of a minor league baseball team, a minor league hockey team, or a D-League basketball team? If so, don't do this:
An NBA Development League team owner is apologizing for misleading fans who thought Michael Jordan would play in a charity game at the Utah Flash's home opener.

Flash owner Brandt Andersen acknowledged sending a Jordan lookalike around town Monday, when supposed "Jordan" sightings and an Internet video of the impostor eating at a local restaurant created buzz that Jordan really was in town. More than 7,500 fans showed up hoping to see Jordan play 1-on-1 against former Utah Jazz guard Bryon Russell at halftime.

The Flash had been pitching the Jordan-Russell rematch since September despite never hearing from Jordan after Andersen issued the first challenge.

Andersen maintained he held out hope that Jordan would agree to be part of Monday's promotion.

"This was done in fun," Andersen wrote on his blog after the game. "If you did not see it as fun or you feel we went over the top I am sorry."

Andersen said he had always planned to send out a lookalike, complete with bodyguards, into the community.

"We wanted to test the strength and effectiveness of viral media by putting him out in Provo with bodyguards, and some hype," he said. "I always assumed it would be uncovered very quickly that it was a hoax."

Fans caught on when the impostor trotted on to the court at halftime and started booing, then leaving.

The original blog post about this event said:
I wasn't at the Hall of Fame to see the acceptance speech by Michael Jordan but I was watching. I also wasn't at the 1998 finals when Jordan hit that shot over Bryon Russell with 5.2 seconds, but I have seen it about a hundred times on NBA promos.

One thing I can tell you is that I want to be front and center for whatever the outcome is when the two meet up next.

So here is my offer: Michael Jordan vs. Bryon Russell-1 on 1 challenge to 21. I will personally donate $100,000 to charity in the name of the winner. We can do it during the half time of the Utah Flash home opener on December 7th. $100,000 in cash for a 15 minute pickup game. MJ even you can’t say no to that.

Our venue is the perfect place for this challenge because it brings BRuss back to Utah and Michael Jordan has a home just outside of Park City (I have seen his Carolina Blue Jump Man plane on the runway at Million Air in SLC) so it is convenient for both guys. Not to mention that it would be sacrilegious to have this take place anywhere outside of Utah.

I have already called BRuss directly and spoken to him about the event. I have also sent a message through a mutual friend to MJ to invite him. He is going to be a little more difficult to convince but not impossible. This would be a good PR move for him following his speech. Back up those words that anytime you see BRuss with his shorts on you are “coming at him”.

Think about the benefits for the two of them. BRuss wants some vindication and MJ puts that fire we have always seen to the test by lacing them up one more time in a casual ‘all for charity’ event.

The match up between these guys created one of the greatest moments in basketball history and was memorialized at Michael's Hall of Fame Induction Speech. Let's lace them up just one more time.

Can you say "half-baked" and "ill-conceived?" What few fans the Utah Flash already had are probably going to stick with the team. Anyone else, who might have wanted to see some NBA developmental league action? Forget it.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Still One of the Greatest College Football Players, Ever

This is what heartbreak looks like, and Tim Tebow wanted a win badly:
When Tim Tebow’s bid for a third national championship ended, the tears of disappointment streamed down his face for all to see.

The high definition video boards at the Georgia Dome showed the Florida quarterback breaking down. Tebow stood helplessly watching the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrate as the final seconds counted down in the Crimson Tide’s 32-13 victory in Saturday night’s Southeastern Conference championship game.

As bad as this loss will make Tebow feel, the pros await. This year, according to the article, Tebow had only 4 interceptions out of 244 attempts. This is a young man who knows how to make decisions on the football field. He'll be fine.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Duke Gets Hammered

Early season rankings don't really mean anything, do they?
Even after the game, Trevon Hughes had all the answers.

Hughes had 19 of his career-high 26 points in the second half and Wisconsin's 73-69 win over No. 6 Duke on Wednesday night snapped the Blue Devils ' perfect mark in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge.

''The Big Ten's never won, and I think we won it?'' teammate Keaton Nankivil asked postgame.

There was Hughes, right on cue: ''Yeah, and the first time Duke lost.''

With Illinois' 76-74 rally over Clemson and Ohio State's 77-64 victory over Florida State in the final game, the Big Ten won the 11-year series for the first time, 6-5.

''I'm proud to be a part of the conference when they win something,'' Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan said. ''We're in it to try to win it.''

It was especially sweet for the Badgers (5-1), who never trailed and got a measure of payback against Duke (6-1) after being routed 82-58 two years ago in a challenge game in Durham, N.C. Wisconsin's win ended the Blue Devils ' 10-0 streak in the annual event and helped end the ACC's perfect 10-0 record as well.

The Big Ten/ACC challenge has always been a chance for Duke to show the basketball world what they're made of.

Apparently, the answer is, not that much this season.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tiger angers Jesper Parnevik

Put this in the category of, "tell us how you really feel:"
In the most critical comment from a player, Jesper Parnevik said he owed Elin Nordegren an apology for introducing her to Tiger Woods. She once worked as a nanny for the Parnevik family.

“We probably thought he was a better guy than he is,” Parnevik told The Golf Channel from West Palm Beach, Fla., where he is in the final stage of PGA Tour qualifying.

Police said Woods’ wife told them she smashed out the back window of his Cadillac Escalade SUV with a golf club to help get him out after he struck a fire hydrant and tree early last Friday.

“I would probably need to apologize to her and hope she uses a driver next time instead of a 3-iron,” Parnevik said, adding that he has not spoken to Woods since the accident.

“It’s a private thing, of course,” the Swede said. “But when you are the guy he is — the world’s best athlete — you should think more before you do stuff ... and maybe not ‘Just do it,’ like Nike says.”

Notice how Parnevik goes directly at Tiger's money with that "Just do it" remark? That's some serious smack talking. Do you think that went too far? I don't. I think Parnevik has gotten some heat from his own people for putting the former Mrs. Nordegren in a world where she can now walk away with quite a bit of Tiger's money--what a terrible thing to do to a woman.

As for the mental aspect, and the intimidation aspect, as it relates to golf, do you think Tiger is now finished as far as being able to break other players down? Do you think Tiger isn't going to go out there next year and run like a scared titty baby from Parnevik? What backs up your skills as a golfer is certitude, and I don't know how much of that Tiger has left. I really don't.

I have to believe that Parnevik lives in Tiger's head now.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Frat Boy Pot Luck Rampage

I'm surprised there aren't more stories like this:
According to a report by the Michigan State student newspaper, 15-20 males entered a campus dormitory and assaulted an injured male and female students.

Among the assailants, the State News reported, were unnamed football players according to witnesses.
Brent Mitchell, a communication junior who said he was sent to Lansing's Sparrow Hospital after being punched in the face, said some of the men wore ski masks, but others were recognized as football team members.

"I walked up and said, 'It isn't worth it.' A guy with dreadlocks hit me and in the scuffle slapped, hit females to get them out of the way," Mitchell said.


Mitchell said members of his fraternity, Iota Phi Theta, had just finished a potluck event and were folding chairs in the lounge when the men entered. The men said they were looking for a man who had been involved in a spat with one of them the night before during an Iota Phi Theta event at The Small Planet, 16800 Chandler Road, Mitchell said.

Mitchell said he was struck after the men realized the person they sought wasn't there. He said the altercation lasted for about a minute before the men left.

Neither university officials nor campus police would comment on the specifics of the incident.

Of course not--no one's going to comment on a Frat Boy rampage. The problem here is not athletics, although the involvement of football players will probably lead the simple-minded BACK to that conclusion. The problem here is not even alcohol or fraternity life. The problem here rests with the dubious idea of having a potluck.

A potluck?

No one--and I mean, no one--in this H1N1, cootie-sharing, hepatitis B-saturated nation should be going to a potluck. No one.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Disciplinarian or Just a Nasty Human Being

I have to admit that, until this morning, I knew nothing about Kansas Football Coach Mark Mangino. Now that I do, I wish I was still in my happy, ignorant bubble:
Former Kansas football players are speaking out about an investigation into allegations coach Mark Mangino has verbally abused or had inappropriate physical contact with players.

Former Jayhawks linebacker Mike Rivera, who plays for the Tennessee Titans, said Wednesday night he could not speak about the allegations. He plans to have a formal interview on the matter with representatives from Kansas in the next few days.

But five of Rivera's former teammates said they were not surprised by the investigation launched by athletic director Lew Perkins. And some relayed personal experiences with Mangino.

Former Kansas wide receiver Raymond Brown, who was a senior last season, said Mangino would often "say personal, hurtful, embarrassing things in front of people."

Brown cited two examples. He said that once, his younger brother had been shot in the arm in St. Louis. Then came a game.

"I dropped a pass and [Mangino] was mad," Brown said. "And I said, 'Yes, sir. Yes, sir.' The yelling didn't bother me. But then he said, 'Shut up!' He said, 'If you don't shut up, I'm going to send you back to St. Louis so you can get shot with your homies.' I was irate. I wanted to hurt him to be honest with you."

Now, is that intended to motivate players? Yes. Is it appropriate? No. It should have been done differently. I think Coach Mangino would do well to change his approach. His approach has taken on a kind of Bobby Knight feeding frenzy situation, and that tends to go downhill fast.

Being hard on players is necessary. That added extra dose of personal nastiness is what is unacceptable. Constantly telling a player that he will go back to being on the block with his homeys is a tad bit racist, when you think about it. Mangino needs to motivate his players in a more positive way, such as, making them wear pink dresses or walk around with baby bottles stuck in the face guard of their helmets. Humiliate without using personal issues, in other words. Losing has begun to shine a light on Mangino and his methods, and few coaches can stand up to scrutiny when they're losing. Hell, Mangino looks like he's about to explode and go down with a massive coronary anyway.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Well, That's the End of Isiah Thomas and his Wonderful Coaching Career

The absolutely stark raving look of terror and confusion on this poor young athlete's face is the reason why Isiah Thomas should be encouraged to give up any pretense of being a coach. The poor kid looks like he's being told to bounce the ball with his forehead and run down the court with his shorts down and his arms flapping so the opposing players won't know how to defend him.

When will someone step in and tell Thomas it's over?
Three games into his college coaching career, Isiah Thomas was already asking for mercy.

Midway through the second half of Florida International's 81-49 loss at Tulsa on Sunday, Thomas motioned toward his counterpart as if to ask when he'd take his starters out.

A few minutes later, he got vocal with his request, shouting a few words in the direction of Golden Hurricane coach Doug Wojcik.

At that point, FIU (0-3) was down 63-25 with 8:59 to play after being outscored 27-5 to start the second half.

"It's a 40-minute game. If you want the truth of it, go back to the (North) Carolina game Monday night, when Carolina was pressing them with 3 minutes left," Wojcik said, referring to FIU's 88-72 loss at North Carolina. "I don't press, and I don't embarrass anybody. But it's a 40-minute game, and I'm in this game to get better.

"I've never seen anything like that. It was very bizarre."

You've never seen anything like that, coach, because Isiah Thomas is not a coach. He's a train wreck, trading on a professional resume that is diminished by the day. I don't know who runs FIU's athletic department, nor do I care, but this experiment needs to end, and soon, otherwise your program is going to be damaged for years. Years.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Steve Phillips has a very, very bad day

ESPN loses another baseball analyst to scandal and infamy. DeadSpin is, of course, more all over this trend than anyone going. It's horndoggery and douchebaggery at ESPN, and Bristol? Bristol is the new soap opera capital of the world.

First Harold Reynolds, now Steve Phillips:
ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips admits having an affair with an assistant at the cable network who taunted his wife with phone calls and a letter graphically describing their relationship, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

After 22-year-old production assistant Brooke Hundley was dropped by Phillips, she made repeated phone calls to his wife, Marni, saying "We both can't have him," the newspaper reported, citing a Wilton, Conn., police report.

"I have extreme concerns about the health and safety of my kids and myself," Phillips said in a statement to police.

ESPN spokesman Josh Krulewitz said: "We were aware of this and have already taken appropriate action. We have no further comment."

The 46-year-old Phillips is a former general manager of the New York Mets. Phillips admitted having sex with a team employee, who sued for sexual harassment. That case was settled out of court.

In this latest incident, according to the cited police report, Phillips told police and his wife about the affair, which he said occurred this past summer. The newspaper also reported that Marni Phillips told police she had received "harassing phone calls and text messages" from a woman who claimed to have information about her husband.

Phillips is being sued for divorce by his wife, the mother of their four sons, the Post reported.

Marriages come and go, but mistresses are forever. You can't get rid of them. You can't wish them away. You just have to eat the sammich life puts in front of you when you tell a girl in her twenties how much you love her in order to get her to do things in that hotel room, sir.

Miss Hundley decided to destroy the man in print:

Brooke Hundley Letter -

The only thing left to do now is get a divorce and marry Miss Hundley and hope for the best, sir. It happened to me twice--twice I have had this done to me. Ex-wives three and four came to me just like this. The verbiage in the two letters each wrote to their predecessor, eh, perhaps a bit more literate. Perhaps a bit more about the excitement I brought to their lives and how I was destined for great things in the business world.

Whoops--I guess that ain't happening:
Let's start with Phillips and the Fatal Attraction. His jilted lover, Brooke Hundley, dropped by his house. Before she could boil a rabbit, Mrs. Phillips got home.

Hundley freaked out and backed her car into a stone column. She did manage to leave a letter on the door for Marni Phillips. It included the birthmark info, just to prove that Hundley's mistress credentials were legit.

She'd earlier contacted Phillips' 16-year-old son via computer. Hundley pretended to be a classmate, flirted with him and dropped hints that his parents' marriage was dying.

Hell hath no fury like a 22-year-old production assistant scorned.

"I have extreme concerns about the health and safety of my kids and myself," Phillip said in a police statement.

I'm always pleased when I see something scandalous come out of Bristol that doesn't have the words "Kenny Mayne" in them. Kenny, you're doing a great job. Ignore the haters. Everyone around you can keep doing stupid things and you'll be running things eventually. And, as always, I feel I have to say this. Remember, gentlemen--you don't have to keep it in your pants. If you do, you might avoid what poor Mr. Phillips is enduring today. But you can always nail the interns and the young girls who work around you--just don't whine about what happens to you.