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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Kirk Cousins is a Moron

All you have to do is go to someone in the front office. You say, "can someone help me understand what's happening here?" And someone gives Kirk a phone number or brings someone in to talk to him. That's all that has to happen and we can avoid this sort of thing.

Virtually everything Cousins says here is uninformed and ignorant. Masks work, and casting doubt on that puts people at risk. He's using his status and position to mislead people and that's extremely dangerous. When it comes to people's health, you do not fuck around with this.

This is the sort of thing that could be fixed by sitting down with his employer, which should be an organization with the kinds of resources that would help one of its highest paid employees with some basic fucking common sense about the global pandemic that is preventing the organization and the league that it is a part of from making billions of dollars. Now, some organizations are not dynamic and staffed with backoffs and fools. I get that.

Somewhere in the Vikings organization is a player or coach or staffer who has a relative with a serious health issue that makes them vulnerable to COVID-19. I would think that they would be reacting with horror at what Cousins said and I would hope that someone is arranging for the team's franchise quarterback to get some goddamned useful information as soon as possible.

But then, hey. You get it, you get it. If you die, you die. Whatever, man.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

The Masters

This is the greatest of all possible outcomes for The Masters. They really don't want the dirty, stumblebum masses there anyway. And those that do crash through the gates and walk those hallowed fairways are called patrons, not fans.
Augusta National Golf Club announced Wednesday that the 2020 Masters Tournament will not permit fans on the grounds during this year's event from Nov. 9-15. 
Chairman Fred Ridley issued a statement on the decision: 
"Since our initial announcement to postpone the 2020 Masters, we have remained committed to a rescheduled Tournament in November while continually examining how best to host a global sporting event amid this pandemic. As we have considered the issues facing us, the health and safety of everyone associated with the Masters always has been our first and most important priority. 
"Throughout this process, we have consulted with health officials and a variety of subject matter experts. Ultimately, we determined that the potential risks of welcoming patrons and guests to our grounds in November are simply too significant to overcome."
Every Masters tournament from now on will be played like this if it works out all right.

Monday, July 27, 2020

No More Baseball, Please

The entire 2020 season is not worth the life of one person:
And here we have it, the least surprising possible outcome of MLB’s decision to fly some 1,500 people around the country, from one coronavirus hotspot to another, buttressed by a hope and a prayer and instructions not to spit, in service of playing baseball: They have to stop playing baseball.
Four Marlins players had tested positive for COVID-19 by Sunday afternoon. As of Monday morning, that count was reportedly at least 11 players and two coaches.
Miami’s scheduled Monday night home opener against the Orioles has been postponed
But the Marlins played three games against the Phillies this weekend. Last week, they played two exhibition games in Atlanta against the Braves. It’s impossible to know how far the infected droplets sprayed. Both of the Braves’ primary catchers, Tyler Flowers and Travis d’Arnaud, missed the weekend series against the Mets after they exhibited COVID-19 symptoms. The Phillies players and coaches are waiting on test results; The Athletic reported that their entire visiting clubhouse staff has been quarantined. The Yankees-Phillies game on Monday has been postponed.
The season is four days old.
Major League Baseball, as an organization, needs to join forces and work towards a common goal of protecting human lives. They should stop the whole thing and not resume play until it is safe. How is that not the common sense consensus right now? And then go find a new Commissioner of baseball. Rob Manfred is a disaster.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Greg Popovich is the Voice of Reason

It's not enough to just speak up and offer platitudes. Greg Popovich is here with solutions and I hope to hell this is not dismissed as just another sports figure looking for attention:
San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich discussed the recent protests throughout the United States with Dave Zirin of The Nation on Sunday.

Dozens of cities across the U.S. have been engaging in demonstrations following George Floyd's death while in police custody May 25, and Popovich provided his thoughts on the long-term issues facing the U.S.:

"The thing that strikes me is that we all see this police violence and racism, and we've seen it all before, but nothing changes. That's why these protests have been so explosive. But without leadership and an understanding of what the problem is, there will never be change. And white Americans have avoided reckoning with this problem forever, because it's been our privilege to be able to avoid it. That also has to change."

The 71-year-old went on to criticize President Donald Trump for his lack of leadership at a time of crisis and his unwillingness to say "black lives matter," but he noted the problems go beyond one person.

"It's more than just Trump," he said. "The system has to change."

As for the current protests, Popovich said they are "very necessary, but they need to be organized better."

What Popovich is pushing back against is the idea that the status quo is something to be revered. What people should realize is that every aspect of normal has to be evaluated for what could very well be the continued oppression of Americans. We can't continue to police our cities like this. We have to remember that the act of dissent it patriotic. It is a very essential idea that protesting is a right and is often the most legitimate form of social commentary.

As you watch everything continue to unfold, remember that there will always be an effort to tie people to looting, burning, and mayhem. This disenfranchises everyone who is protesting peacefully. There are bad actors out there, and they're muddying the water.

This is who they are:

Popovich is trying to share some clarity with us and we should be grateful for his eloquence.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Rory McIlroy is Terrified of Being Seen With Trump

This guy seems traumatized:
McIlroy was asked about that round with the president and vowed it would be the last time he’d ever play with Trump.
Asked about that round and the subsequent reaction it elicited, McIlroy said, “Guilt by association,’’ adding, “I haven’t done it since, so there’s one answer to [your] question.’’

McIlroy then indicated he’d been invited to play with the president since but hasn’t. When asked if the reason he hasn’t played again with Trump was by choice, McIlroy said, “Out of choice.’’
The article goes on to let McIlroy weasel his way out of saying anything negative about Trump and still signal to anyone who might give him money for something that he's definitely not one of those MAGA freaks who stands outside of a half-empty arena screaming about Q-Anon.

Really, we should give McIlroy credit for taking the path known to weasels everywhere. Letting him say "what a nice fellow, no I don't agree with him, and I sure won't ever appear in a public place with him again, can't we all just get along" is the normal way functioning adults behave in public in the year of our Lord 2020 when there are promotional considerations and product endorsements on the line.

If Trump were to walk up to McIlroy on a golf course sometime in the next six months, this poor fellow would tear both hammys trying to get away from the cameras.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

This is Not Justice

The U.S. Women's Soccer team is a proven winner. This team represents the best traditions of competitiveness and dedication. Every American should be proud of what they have accomplished and they deserve equal pay.

They do not deserve to be on the receiving end of this decision:
The United States women's football team's bid for equal pay has been dismissed by a court, with the judge rejecting the players' claims they were underpaid compared to the men.
The lawsuit was filed by 28 women's national team players last year against the US Soccer Federation (USSF).
They had been seeking $66m (£52.8m) in damages under the Equal Pay Act.
Molly Levinson, the players' spokeswoman, said that they planned to appeal against the decision.
"We are shocked and disappointed," said Levinson. "We will not give up our hard work for equal pay.
"We are confident in our case and steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that girls and women who play this sport will not be valued as lesser just because of their gender."
Joe Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for US president in this year's election, told the team to not "give up this fight", adding: "This is not over yet.
"To US Soccer: equal pay, now. Or else when I'm president, you can go elsewhere for World Cup funding."
For everyone who believes, as I do, that the women should actually be paid more than the men given everything they've won, please note that eventually they will get paid equal to the men. They will win this right and they will be made whole. Addressing this ridiculous oversight is just going to take a little more time.

Anyway, this is what Megan Rapinoe had to say today:
"They're the only federation that we can have," Rapinoe said. "We're the only team that they can have. We're going to be tied together forever. So I'm always hopeful that there's a way that we can work through this. But I really do believe that there needs to be a major paradigm shift in in how they think about the women's team."
She continued: "But I think in order to honestly have the paradigm shift that we need, there needs to be a clearing of the house. I don't think that you can have all, you know, a lot of the same people that have overseen a lot of these decisions and been there for a long time. You know, unless they all sort of have a come to Jesus moment."
As part of their legal argument, the US Soccer Federation filed a brief claiming the women and men's teams have different jobs, in part because men are inherently faster and stronger, calling it "indisputable science."

"To signal to not only the boys that they are just innately better, but to the girls that they're innately lesser was just, I mean, it was stupid," Rapinoe said. "It just, I think, really showed how deep that sentiment goes that they were willing and comfortable to put that in a public briefing."

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Kylie Ireland and Michael Jordan

They're going to spend at least an hour interviewing Kylie Ireland and put that into the Michael Jordan series, right?

Friday, February 28, 2020

Garth Brooks Loves Barry Sanders

So, this happened.

Garth Brooks wore a football jersey with the number 20 on it, and with the name Sanders on the back. This was his way of paying homage to NFL Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders.

Some of his "less informed" fans thought that Brooks was signaling his support for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

And this happened because we have, what? An informed, reasonable electorate?


Thursday, February 27, 2020

17 Games

To me, this is a crazy number of games for the NFL to play in one season:
As we stand on the verge of another decade of labor peace, I can’t get that out of my head, and my reasoning is simple. Over the last couple weeks, we’ve discussed everything from the revenue split to pensions to how individual contracts will work under a reformatted NFL schedule, and the main thing is still the main thing.
My belief is the reason why opposition against the current CBA proposal has persisted lies therein. It’s the 17th game. Period. End of story.
It’s been clear from the start that players are leery about the idea of extending their season—creating another set of car crashes in a system that already called for 16 of them. And a lot of them knew that the owners’ strong desire to do that, in addition to their concern over further delaying the broadcast negotiation, created leverage.
So some players wanted the union to push for more, in just about every category.

You want 17 games? Fine. Then it’s on our terms.
And they did get more in some areas. The money in this deal is good, and if the goal is, “Let’s keep getting rich!” then the deal the union’s done is totally fine. But if you were looking for a game-changer, then this really isn’t that.
The franchise tag system is the same, as is the vesting schedule. There were tweaks to rookie contracts and the funding rule, but problems with those (team control over players for six or seven years, a crutch to use in not guaranteeing contracts) aren’t going away. And specific to the issue of 17 games, there are problems. The max number of padded practices in training camp was cut from 28 to 16, but offseason and in-season rules didn’t change.
The impact of an NFL game in an American city is easy to measure. On game day, revenue pours in. People spend their cash like it's water. Adding just one more home game per year, every other year, means more of the same. More people through the gates, more butts in seats, more of everything.

However, it means shorter careers and more injuries for the players. I hope they get a larger piece of that pie. I think they're getting too little as it is in relation to what the owners are walking away with every home game.

It's just my mathematical bias speaking, but an uneven number of games throws me off a bit. If anything, I would cut the number of pre-season games to two and I would add two more bye weeks into the current 16 game season. I wouldn't even keep the 16 game season. If I could, I'd knock it back to 12.

You would get less football. But you'd get fewer injuries, and guys would play longer. No one would like my idea, but there it is.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Fire Rob Manfred

If there's one lesson to be learned from this debacle, it is that Major League Baseball has the wrong person in charge:
The Houston Astros have been punished, but has justice truly been served? That’s the big question hovering around Major League Baseball as commissioner Rob Manfred makes a futile attempt to move on from one of the biggest scandals in league history. Soon, Astros hitters, many of whom were part of that now-dubious 2017 World Series win, will face live pitching for the first time since the league handed down its judgment against the team’s sign-stealing scheme.
 I don't know if firing Manfred would fix baseball's inability to properly punish franchises that have cheated because I don't think anyone is really being honest here. Stealing signs and using your stadium's structural advantages has been a part of baseball forever. Yes, using buzzers is crossing one of those phantom red lines that probably exists between the ears of purists but so what?

Banging trash cans is very 19th Century if you want to get right down to it, so how do we find a way out of this horror show? A lot of players who feel like they were cheated out of hits and strikes and playoff wins are screaming for blood in the most polite ways possible.

Honestly, in the first month of this season, I would not be surprised if each and every Astros batter ends up getting plunked in the ass more than once. And maybe they should. But if you throw at everyone who cheats, you're going to have to throw at everyone every day.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

They Will Cheat Again

It's a shame to see Rob Manfred destroy the credibility of baseball and all in the name of keeping two big money franchises happy:
The stripping of victories and championships is a punishment used in college sports when teams are caught in cheating controversies, but the same will not happen in Major League Baseball. 
MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred appeared on Fox Business on Wednesday and said the league will not strip the Houston Astros or Boston Red Sox of their World Series titles after sign-stealing scandals (h/t ESPN). 
He said the league will honor the "long tradition in baseball of not trying to change what happened." 
While they won't lose their 2017 crown, the Astros were certainly punished. 
MLB stripped them of their first- and second-round picks in the 2020 and 2021 drafts, fined them the maximum $5 million and placed one-year suspensions on manager AJ Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow.
Cheating is as old as baseball, and so are issuing severe repercussions for said cheating. They go hand in hand. You bet on baseball, you throw a game, you get caught, you're done. You cheat and you get caught, you should--and the operating word here is should--forfeit your victory or title. And while we like to think of baseball as an exercise in using every available option to get an advantage against an opponent, we rely on a loose concept called "fairness" to regulate the game. 
Manfred should think about the franchises that were cheated. Instead, he worships at the altar of the Red Sox. The devil with him, he's supposed to be impartial.
Baseball has been tinkering with its own rules for the last few years because interest in the game is waning. However, taking a little longer to throw a pitch was one of the relative handful of options that would allow a player to cheat while still keeping the game fair. That's what is being ignored here. Teams started stealing signs almost as soon as the players began using them. What wasn't fair about the whole deal was that they were not relying on the skill of the players on the field--like a runner on second base--but on the team's employees and on cameras. That rendered everything unfair.
When a player on the field or a coach steals a sign--that's fair. Baseball has long accepted that.
When some dudes scattered throughout the stadium are using spy camera and trash cans to signal hitters, that's unfair.
You won fairly by stealing a sign, fairly? Congratulations. That's baseball.
You won in an unfair manner? Too bad, you forfeit your victory.
Really, it's not that difficult. The overall problem hasn't been solved. The punishment did not fit the crime, and franchises will find a way to utilize their facilities in order to cheat (I'm thinking of how the Minnesota Twins used to turn on the fans in the outfield when opposing teams were up to bat!) If you don't take away their ill-gotten gains, they're going to keep doing it.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Congratulations to the Pittsburgh Penguins

I have watched quite a bit of hockey this year, and I am sad to see this season end without a Game 7 in the Stanley Cup Finals. Pens fans should have had the chance to watch their team raise the cup on their home ice, but what are you going to do?

My observations are:

Nashville's fans are amazing, but they have to stop throwing dead catfish on the ice.

The turnout around Nashville's arena is like something out of an owner's dream. The people who partied outside in Preds jerseys and brought their support of the team to downtown Nashville demonstrates that this is a franchise that will stick around.

The fans inside of the arena stood and clapped for the opposing team at the end. This is beyond classy and is unheard of in many, many arenas throughout the league. Nashville is now a real hockey town, and they should be accorded the respect that goes with it. They turned out for the series, the local celebrities showed up, and the people there made it work. Anyone thinking of signing with the Predators was just shown a damned good reason why doing so would be a no-brainer. They support their team in Nashville, and they understand the game.

The Pens are probably going to dump some players and that's good for everyone looking for playoff experience. A three-peat? Nope, don't think so. This series should have been over after the 4th game. In all four of the first games played, Nashville was the better team in every one of them. They didn't get the breaks they needed on the road, and that's what sunk them.

The NBC announcing crew is the absolute worst in all of hockey. Mike Emrick and Pierre McGuire are unlistenable. I simply do not care where these guys played their junior hockey, and the wordplay and the double entendres are difficult to endure. We have watched much of the series with the sound off. I don't care about Eddie Olczyck because there is furniture in the room with more insight. I miss Bill Clement, I wish Coach Barry was out there, and virtually all of the NHL teams have announcer pairs that could do a better job. Bob Miller will go down as one of the all-time greatest announcers in NHL history, and he never got the break he deserved. NBC's crew couldn't hold a candle to Bob Miller. 

Not impressed with the idea that we'll have a "new" franchise next year. The Las Vegas Golden Knights? Really? Okay, then.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Darryl Sutter is Out of a Job

This really surprised me today:

The Los Angeles Kings have fired coach Darryl Sutter and general manager Dean Lombardi, who led the franchise to its only two Stanley Cup championships.

The Kings on Monday also promoted former defenseman Rob Blake to vice president and general manager, while longtime executive Luc Robitaille will be their new team president in charge of all hockey and business operations.

Everyone knows why the Kings had a rough year. They lost Jonathan Quick at the beginning of the season and didn't find a suitable replacement. They had a roster that couldn't get it done, but it's not like they don't have the talent around which you can build a great team. How does firing Sutter fix the roster problems the Kings face in the years ahead?

How do you do that to the guy who brought two Stanley Cups to a franchise that had none? Hockey is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately kinda sport, and that's how they're doing things in Los Angeles. If they can get a good coach and get back into contention, well, I guess that would prove me wrong. I was of a mind to see them make roster changes and come back next year and do fairly well, but how likely is that now?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Did That Team That Nobody Likes Win?

I am not a March Madness kind of fellow. But if that team that plays for that school you went to won, great. If they lost, well, bummer, man.

There is a huge disconnect between the reality of college sports and the overall college experience. I read a side item earlier about Lamar Odom and how he went to a college on the east coast. He was not a good student, but he was great at basketball. He maybe lasted a year with that team, left no mark on that school, but they go crazy for him and love him anyway. What is there to admire? That's where he stopped on the way to going to the NBA. He didn't graduate, he didn't stick around and help the team win a lot of games. One and done, baby.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Tom Brady and Donald Trump Are Really, Really Good Friends

It might not be a big deal right now, but it will be in the days and weeks ahead. 

The friendship of Tom Brady and Donald Trump is like proof hell is real if you're a New England fan who voted for Hillary. You have the golden boy quarterback--the best ever--and the most unpopular president in the modern era. 

How long do you think it will take for Brady to salvage his own image (endorsements are really important when you're a quarterback approaching the age of 40) and conveniently stop appearing with Trump? Or will Brady double down and proudly defend his friendship?

At some point, someone's going to be thrown under the bus. And what kind of new and exciting version of hell is it when Corey Lewandowski gives an interview to gush like a schoolgirl about a friendship between two men?

Friday, July 29, 2016

Megan Kalmoe is Pulling For You, America

Oh, my word:

"My request to everyone who is fixated on s--t in the water: stop. Stop trying to ruin the Olympics for us," Kalmoe wrote in an essay for theGuardian.

The 2012 bronze medalist in quadruple sculls noted that it does no good to complain about the water quality and that there have been similar concerns about the host cities of each of the past few Olympic Games. While the pollution is an issue (not just for the Summer Games, but for everyday life in Brazil), she is just thankful Rio has put in a lot of time, effort and money to host the Olympics.

Now that the Opening Ceremonies on Aug. 5 are just days away, the 32-year-old Kalmoe doesn't want to talk about the water quality. She is ready to compete: "If you are that insecure about where we stand, America, let me be the one to say it. I'll say it, if it will allay your fears and put some of these issues to rest: I will row through s--t for you, America."

Do we really need to censor the word "shit" here? I don't think that we do. I think that these will be the Olympics where a lot of cowardly people stayed home. The bravest and the best of us are headed to Rio. Whiny ass titty baby bitches need not apply.

Friday, May 20, 2016

The Texas Rangers Need a New Stadium

The shelf life for a baseball stadium is now about 25 years:

Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News reports that the Texas Rangers and the city of Arlington Texas are set to announce that the Rangers will soon be getting a new, retractable-roof ballpark to replace their current home, Globe Life Park.

Their current lease on Globe Life expires in 2024 and can be ended a year early by the club at its discretion, but Grant says the new ballpark will be up and operating before that. He says that construction of the park would be subject to an election by Arlington voters, likely to approve the dedication of sales taxes and other public revenues to the project. Ownership of the park would be split between Arlington and the ball club.

Globe Life Park, previously The Ballpark at Arlington, opened in 1994. That was relatively early in the stadium building boom of the 1990s-2000s, making it tied for 11th oldest among current ballparks. Age, however, is not so much of an issue as the park is in fine shape. Nor is location, as Arlington has been and remains the sports stadium capital of the Metroplex and continues to have multiple projects in the works making it a sports and entertainment destination.

Rather, the issue is heat and the depression of attendance and revenues the current open-air stadium experiences in the hot, hot summers of north Texas, even when the Rangers are winning. When the Ballpark at Arlington the cost of a retractable roof was seen as prohibitive and the technology of such beasts was nowhere near as advanced as it is today. As such, the choice to eschew a roof was understandable, even if has led to a couple of decades of Rangers fans sweltering in sometimes dangerous heat.

They didn't know it was hot in Texas in 1994? They spent $191 million dollars to build it and it is still in good shape. Someone somewhere probably knows how to retrofit and cool a stadium for way less than the nearly a billion dollars it will take to replace a perfectly good ballpark. I realize that they're never going to accept the concept of global warming in Texas, but, honestly--what a waste of resources.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tom Brady is a Handsome Fellow

Personally, I think criticizing the work of a courtroom sketch artist is like going after a fifth grade orchestra for muffing their third piece of music for the day. Tom Brady is guilty as sin and the NFL is obviously in collusion with the courtroom sketch artist to make him look like a Bulgarian sex offender.

Somehow, they gave him the most subtle fu manchu in Patriots history.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

IK Enemkpali Breaks Geno Smith's Jaw

No word yet on whether or not the Raiders have picked him up:

New York Jets coach Todd Bowles announced Tuesday that the team’s quarterback, Geno Smith, will be out for “at least” six to 10 weeks after teammate IK Enemkpali “sucker punched” him and broke his jaw. “There was an altercation in the locker room [Tuesday morning],” Bowles said. “It had nothing to do with football. It was something very childish. And he got cold cocked, sucker punched, whatever you want to call it, in the jaw. He has a broken jaw, fractured jaw, requires some surgery.” Bowles added that Enemkpali, a second-year outside linebacker, has been released from the team.

It'll be interesting to see whether or not Enemkpali signs somewhere else or, through collusion, is denied a roster spot in the NFL. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but if this had nothing to do with football, where's the police report? Has Enemkpali been charged with anything?

Somewhere, Peter King is getting ready to write an insider story on how the NFL really doesn't like it when players fight, but the demonstrations of intensity show that guys care and you want tough men to play tough, and show that they care about their positions.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Finally, one decent thing happened today:

the Hall initially decided that his family members would not be allowed to speak for him at the ceremony. Seau died by suicide in 2012, two and a half years after retiring from football. A study of his brain tissue found signs of CTE, and in January 2013 his family sued the NFL, alleging that his suicide was caused by a brain disease developed from years of sustaining hits while playing in the league. A policy had been in place since 2010 disallowing others to speak on behalf of posthumous inductees.

The Hall later reversed course, allowing Sydney to speak. The New York Times reported the late Seau told his family that he wanted Sydney to introduce him should he ever be inducted. Seau did not discuss the circumstances of her father's death.

Even though Sydney Seau let the NFL off the hook and didn't say anything about how Junior Seau killed himself, we cannot forget that this man gave his life to play a game that has a billion dollar fixation on minimizing the impact of concussions on players.