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Friday, May 15, 2020

Rory McIlroy is Terrified of Being Seen With Trump

This guy seems traumatized:
McIlroy was asked about that round with the president and vowed it would be the last time he’d ever play with Trump.
Asked about that round and the subsequent reaction it elicited, McIlroy said, “Guilt by association,’’ adding, “I haven’t done it since, so there’s one answer to [your] question.’’

McIlroy then indicated he’d been invited to play with the president since but hasn’t. When asked if the reason he hasn’t played again with Trump was by choice, McIlroy said, “Out of choice.’’
The article goes on to let McIlroy weasel his way out of saying anything negative about Trump and still signal to anyone who might give him money for something that he's definitely not one of those MAGA freaks who stands outside of a half-empty arena screaming about Q-Anon.

Really, we should give McIlroy credit for taking the path known to weasels everywhere. Letting him say "what a nice fellow, no I don't agree with him, and I sure won't ever appear in a public place with him again, can't we all just get along" is the normal way functioning adults behave in public in the year of our Lord 2020 when there are promotional considerations and product endorsements on the line.

If Trump were to walk up to McIlroy on a golf course sometime in the next six months, this poor fellow would tear both hammys trying to get away from the cameras.

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Michigan State Has an Endowment of $3 Billion

When your school protects a monster for decades, of course it's going to hurt your bottom line:

Moody's is weighing whether to downgrade the debt of Michigan State University because of the scandal involving disgraced USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar.

A rating downgrade could mean the school would have to pay more to borrow money. 

Nassar was a member of the MSU faculty. He pleaded guilty to charges he sexually abused his patients and was sentenced last week to 175 years in prison. 

Michigan State faces lawsuits by more than 100 women, alleging that the university allowed Nassar's abuse to persist despite victims' complaints. The suits are one of the major factors prompting the Moody's review. The school is seeking to have those lawsuits dismissed. Lou Anna Simon resigned as school president last week.

I love how no one focuses on how the victims have been impacted. Hundreds of women are victims of a serial molester and someone is worried that the interest rate on money borrowed by a land grant university is going to be too high?

Nassar was hired by Michigan State in 1986. He began molesting children in 1992. That's how long this has been going on. But, damn, let's fret over the costs of taking out a loan.

Michigan State has an endowment of $3 billion dollars, and so I really don't feel sorry for them. Start settling now because lawyers are in short supply, what with everyone who has ever met with Trump needing one right now.

Everyone knows Michigan State is going to pass the savings on to those who pay tuition. They're not touching their endowment. They're not going to do the right thing. They're going to increase tuition, cut services, and hire as many lawyers as they can.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Fake Tickets for the Stanley Cup Finals

I wonder how often this goes on:

Pittsburgh police say two Massachusetts men printed up bogus Stanley Cup Final tickets and tried to sell them outside the Penguins arena.

Police say Quincy resident John Green and Wareham resident Ronald Seeley were spotted Wednesday outside Consol Energy Center, where the Penguins were hosting the San Jose Sharks in the second game of the best-of-seven series.

One witness told police the men offered to sell him six tickets for $200 each. Police say the face value of the tickets is at least $235 each.

Police say the men tried to drive away but were caught with nearly $1,400 in cash and 18 fake tickets. Police say the men were trying to rip some of the tickets up.

Professionals? Irate Bruins fans? Or were they just preying on people who showed up for the game and tried to buy some tickets from scalpers outside of the arena?

None of the above. Anyone who sells you tickets for LESS than their face value in a ridiculous quantity isn't holding the real thing. We're talking about the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals. These guys should have held out for five hundred bucks a ticket and they should have gone with selling them in pairs. Now they get to deal with the cops in one of America's best hockey towns. I still don't know how they thought selling the tickets below face value was a winning strategy.

If you're going to scam people, at least know your product. Maybe this is how Bruins fans operate--to them, a Pens-Sharks matchup probably looks like a $200 deal.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Why Did They Turn in Their Guns?

The NFL is on Google+

Am I correct in saying that if the NFL did not have a problem, seven frightened young men would not have given up their weapons to officials with their respective teams?

The NFL has numerous problems which mirror society. Guns, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and stupidity are all the ones we've seen in the last several weeks. I don't think much will change, but I do think it is irresponsible not to keep talking about guns and how guns in the hands of young men who have a lot of money and young families should be dealt with in much the same way that the NFL deals with their financial matters--with mandatory counseling.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harvey Updyke Needs to Go Away

One of the first shots from the Toomer's Corner Webcam...

I have to say, I really don't care what happens to this sick old bastard:

His "not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect" is ridiculous, and it speaks volumes to the man's inability to admit what he did was wrong. You have a 64 year-old man who made a childish, twisted mistake and instead of being adult enough to own up to it, he's flailing through life, terrorizing people.

What a disgrace.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Big Ten Rallies Behind Penn State (Sort Of)

You can't read this without knowing what the chart posted above really means:

CBSSports‘ Bruce Feldman was first to report the free agent frenzy, and as of Wednesday, members of Illinois’ coaching staff were apparently hanging out in State College trying to grab a player or two*. 
(*Illinois coach Tim Beckman denied coaches being present at PSU, however) 
“We have chosen to stay at Penn State and opposing coaches are outside our apartment, was that the intention of the NCAA?” tweeted Penn State defensive back Adrian Amos 
Embellished or not, there was a chaotic vibe coming out of Happy Valley.
Day 1 of Big Ten media days was more subdued. Partially because Nittany Lions running back Silas Redd wasn’t in attendance — he’s reportedly very close to signing with USC — and partially due to other Big Ten, coaches taking a by and large less-controversial approach when it comes to poaching from their fellow Big Ten member.
Bret Bielema (Wisconsin), Brady Hoke (Michigan), Urban Meyer (Ohio State), Bo Pelini (Nebraska) and Kevin Wilson (Indiana) are among the coaches who said in one form or another that they would not actively pursue Penn State players.
It is wonderful to see these coaches develop some semblance of ethics during this particularly troubling time, but there's no denying the fact that Indiana and Illinois are desperate to get someone--anyone--in there who can play football.

You could easily make the case that throwing Penn State and Indiana out of the Big Ten wouldn't hurt the conference one bit, and I would buy that argument wholeheartedly.

Bill O'Brien Made the Worst Decision in Sports History

You could make the case that there have been people who have made worse career decisions; I am not buying any of those.

Bill O'Brien made a decision to coach at Penn State that was based on honoring the tradition; he is not a bad man for having done so. But, what we now know is that there is virtually no conceivable way in which Penn State can compete in the Big Ten for the next decade, if not more. The loss of all of those scholarships, and the guarantee made by the NCAA to allow players to transfer without having to sit out for a year, means that the floodgates are going to open and the competitive players are going to start leaving, and soon.

They should have taken the 4-year ban. It would have made a clean break from the past and it would have allowed O'Brien to walk with his dignity intact. Instead, Penn State made a decidedly selfish decision. When the stadium is empty, and when the alumni are staying away in droves, this will be more apparent than ever.

How many can he keep? And how long before O'Brien decides that he does not want to go down as a 4-54 coach at Penn State?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

No Death Penalty for Penn State

Take the statue down, but keep playing football:
NCAA president Mark Emmert has decided to punish Penn State with severe penalties likely to include a significant loss of scholarships and loss of multiple bowls, a source close to the decision told ESPN's Joe Schad on Sunday morning. 
But Penn State will not receive the so-called "death penalty" that would have suspended the program for at least one year, the source said. 
The penalties, however, are considered to be so harsh that the death penalty may have been preferable, the source said. 
The NCAA will announce "corrective and punitive measures" for Penn State on Monday morning, it said in a statement Sunday. Emmert will reveal the sanctions at 9 a.m. ET in Indianapolis at the organization's headquarters along with Ed Ray, the chairman of the NCAA's executive committee, and Oregon State's president, the news release said.
All of that is well and good, but removing symbols while allowing the Penn State Football program to continue is yet one more example of how money runs college sports. We can thus be spared any nonsense about ethics, values, and doing the right thing. It's all about the power of the Penn State alumni. They scare the hell out of the NCAA and taking away their football would drive everyone around the bend.

But, go ahead. Take down the statue of Joe Paterno and pretend that's all that needs to be done. In a few years, no one will care about those boys anyway.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012

What's in the Water in Arkansas?

As bad as this looks for Arkansas, at least they're not Penn State, right? No team in college football has had as bad of a year as Penn State, by a long shot.


Football programs go through good times and bad times; lean times and times of lawlessness and debauchery. It all comes down to whether or not they can get control of this team and convince the players that if they want a shot at an NFL payday to calm it down and keep the criminal activity at a minimum.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Another Bankrupt NFL Megastar

If you want proof that the NFL has a problem with what happens to its players AFTER they stop playing the game, look no further than the latest NFL superstar to whine about being broke and having too many baby mamas to support, Terrell Owens.

It would seem that TO has "squandered" most of his money and cannot pay his bills anymore. This is the Warren Sapp story all over again; and, sadly, it's the story of numerous NFL players who cannot cope with their obligations and their dwindling resources.

The NFL should pretty much admit that it destroys lives; it leaves players crippled, it leaves them addicted to painkillers, and it leaves them in desperate financial situations. It pays these players inflated salaries, dumps them when they are injured, and hopes they will die young so that it doesn't have to pay them pensions.

I am beginning to think we have a serious problem with football in this country, and I don't know what the solution is, other than to put some sort of end to the sport or radically redesign it and restructure it. I would hasten to add that if TO had been paid $800,000 during his career instead of $80 million, he'd have MORE to show for it, not less.


Looks like ego took over:

Terrell Owens is incapable of admitting he screwed up and cannot pay his bills anymore. He cannot meet his obligations, but it is "not his fault." It is the fault of whoever stole and mismanaged his money.

The courts will not be amused or swayed by this revelation, nor should they be.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dustin Pedroia Slams Bobby Valentine

This is buried at the bottom of the story running on ESPN about how Bobby Valentine called out Kevin Youklis the other day. I think this should have been the lede of the whole story.

"Maybe that works in Japan."


Dustin Pedroia rips the band-aid off the scab. And the sore underneath it is this--no way in hell Bobby Valentine should be the manager of the Red Sox.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Augusta National Remains a National Disgrace

When the outrage rose to a crescendo several years ago, Augusta National survived the onslaught. This was very similar to the way that Rush Limbaugh survived numerous scandals and slips of the tongue.

I think Augusta National is in for a tough year, and women are going to go after them, and soon. Besides, the old boys in Augusta are dying off, and fast.
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lance Berkman is Right

The people who back the institution of Major League Baseball against any and all criticism are probably going to tear in Lance Berkman for stating the obvious.

They should shut up.

There is simply no other way to look at the sale of the Houston Astros--and the rebate that went with the sale--and their move to the American League. It was rife with fraud and paybacks. It was unethical. When will Congress eliminate baseball's anti-trust exemption? Which side of never will that happen on?

Bud Selig destroyed the sanctity of baseball (whatever that means anymore) when he tore the Milwaukee Brewers out of the American League and put them in the National League so that he could have a nostalgic moment for the club that used to play in Milwaukee before it was moved back in 1965.

Berkman will probably have people come after him, and so be it. When you speak truth to power in Major League Baseball, power always wins.

Monday, March 12, 2012

This is One Way to Break a Strike (and a Team)

Basically, these guys were playing for peanuts. They were playing to arena football fans, and they could have been making a few thousand dollars a game, no problem. And I don't care how the owners do the math--if you charge what they're charging right now, and if you can't make money, there's something wrong with you.

This is what an arena football game costs right now. I picked this one at random, by the way:

The venue, called The Tampa Bay Times Forum, seats 19,500 people for arena football. And they have exactly seven goddamned tickets left for the game coming up this week.

Using an average price of, what? $65? Let's do the math.

19,493 x $65 = $1,267,045.00

That's right. The box office receipts are going to top one and a quarter million dollars for what appears to be a typical Arena Football League game. And these players were asking for, basically, gas money on top of what little they were getting. And the owner of the team fired them all and left some of the players to find their own way home.

With what, you heartless bastard? They weren't making any money.

This is the glamour of "professional" sports. It's still about exploiting the labor in order to feather the nest of the owners. Matt Shaner is one cold-hearted son of a bitch. You play for him, you might as well sell your soul at the crossroads, son.
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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Charles Barkley Is Going to Want to Take This Back

I think that there is a lot of frustration behind what Barkley is saying here. And that frustration has probably landed him in a bit of trouble.

His frustration is with the ignorant fans who shout some really horrible things at NBA games. Don't condemn what he's saying if you've never been to an NBA game. It's amazing what people will actually say to players and what they will say about players. And here's a man who's been working at games in the modern era and playing games since whenever. Attacking his credibility just isn't possible right now.

Will this spell doom for Charles Barkley? You know, it very well could. But there's a lot behind what he's saying that people just do not understand.
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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Warren Sapp and Character

The overwhelming majority of ex-pro football players end up bankrupt or broke with a matter of years when they retire. Sapp may not quite be there, but this is yet another indication of his character. Of which, like cash, he has very little.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Worldwide Leader Needs a New Headline Writer

Here's what I think of all of this.

First, the inherent racism in the National Basketball Association is evident simply because a player who is not an African-American is now doing exceptionally well and is helping his team win, which is not what anyone really does during this part of the NBA season.

Second, I really do think that whoever wrote that headline had no idea what they were doing when they used the phrase "chink in the armor." I think that ESPN hires some exceptionally stupid people who do not understand history, culture, or society.

Third, Sports Illustrated is always the go-to place for a story about something ESPN did wrong.
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Thursday, February 2, 2012

ESPN Needs Another Commentator

I never much cared for Stephen A. Smith (he's your poor man's Michael Wilbon), but this should just about end his career at ESPN.

For the record, that's flipping the bird. And the way he does it while going after Skip Bayless is in the proper context. He held it up while insulting Bayless. End of story.